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With Experience, and Frugality

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Why are we here?

   We are a company that believes in doing things the right way, the first time and to your specific goals. 

   Be it figuring out the small details of the plans, calling in 811 locates, or checking on permits, we work on the small problems for you. Our employees from the owner down to the labor hand are geared to providing you with cost effective solutions and prices.
   We have experience from living on farms to working utilities and building foundations for the future.

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"Special Circumstances" is our specialty.


Brush Clearing

Brush Clearing can be as simple or complex as you need. We can mow almost anything down to help combat weeds or reclaim pastureland from being retired and overgrown.


Erosion prevention and control

Is the water eating away at the land you've worked hard on? Or does it sit where you least want it? 
   We provide solutions in Erosion Control where you need it most! From adding culverts, water breaks, french drains or dams to creating drainage ditches or ponds.
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Pasture repair and Rejuvenation

   Pastures are rarely meant to be golf courses in agriculture. However, they're not meant to tear you, the livestock and the tractor to pieces! In these instances, we evaluate your pasture and it's specific needs to put a plan together that can bring your pasture to manageable means.
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Driveway construction and repair

Is your driveway getting rough again? Does your water runoff make your drive look more like a part of the Grand Canyon? We can help with that. From repairing damaged driveways, to building new ones, we have the tools and experience to do the job for a fair price.

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Seeding is an important part of any property regardless of plant type. seeding is also important because it prevents the soil from eroding away where you want it to stay!

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Dirt work

Dirt work has been second nature to us for a long time. We service by the acre, as well as the back yard, and all the jobs in between.

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Some Examples of Our Work

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Total Farms land development

With this project, we teamed up with the owners to clean up the property after having been clear cut by a timber company. In doing so we reclaimed several pastures, assisted in constructing two reenactment battle fields, prepped and seeded acreage, added two culverts as well as constructing waterways to drain into the Big Cypress Bayou.


Driveway Repair

On this job we were asked to pick up misplaced rock and re-grade it to the homeowner's needs. We were able to do so and ensure his guests aren't stepping in mud anymore.


Clearing pastures

  We offer pasture mowing and underbrush clearing as well. This in turn helps prevent weeds from taking a strong hold in your pasture, such as goat weed. This also allows the underlying grass to have more water during droughts.

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